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Boardroom Rental

Sometimes you need temporary space, whether it’s for a conference or seminar, a meeting space to hold private meetings. The TBS Conference Center and Meeting Room are perfect for short-term meetings, training sessions, interviews. client pitches and more. Be it one hour or one week, our spaces are great for short or long-term needs and we make it simple and convenient to book your reservation.

Individuals, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and others looking for a wide variety of purposes use meeting facilities. The TBS conference venues have several types of meeting spaces below available.

TBS’s meeting facilities include the latest business support and technology. Meeting spaces include state-of-the-art equipment such as high-speed Internet access and presentation tools for visual and audio collaboration. The following are some of the more popular room uses.

Conference room space for rent

Our spaces can be used as all-purpose conference rooms are usually designed to accommodate many types of gatherings. From business to board meetings, these rooms are designed to facilitate collaboration. Many of TBS’s venues provide conference rooms in varying sizes. Customers may select a minimum number of participants when reserving these spaces.

Presentation Room configuration

Standard meeting rooms used for presentations generally come equipped with larger tables and tools such as TV screens, LCD projectors, and many other amenities.

Training Room configuration

Training requires adequate space so trainees are comfortable and can get the most out of the learning process. These rooms generally come equipped with training essentials such as table, chairs screen and lectern.

Private Day Office

For the on-the-go professional, the private day office is an ideal space for privacy and productivity. These rooms are also suitable for private interviews.

Whatever the need may be, all of TBS’s meeting space venues offer many attractive options that may be customized according to your specific requirements.